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Building the Future of Content!

We are revolutionising the global content creation landscape the best way we know, by melding humans with technology. We have started by creating a platform to bring in content creators to fulfil the ever-increasing content needs across domains, genres and boundaries.

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Our Mission 

To become the world’s largest content creation and distribution platform for all kinds of content creators and brands.

The creative professionals industry hasn’t significantly changed in the last 30 years. Agencies have predominantly played their conventional roles and the emergence of freelancers has been scattered and unorganised.

We are looking at disrupting the entire content creation industry at scale and creating a stronger, qualitative, and more organized ecosystem for content creators.

We are creating high-quality remote talent workforces across Content Writers, Graphic Designers, Video Makers, Content Strategists, Audio Artists, and we eventually aim to cover each and every creative professional involved in the marketing domain.

Imagine us being able to build virtual marketing teams for any company globally, by providing them a product that solves content operations and gives the client the ability to strategize, create, distribute and manage all their content projects at one place. At the same time, they have the ability to extend their team by being matched with high-quality creators from our talent marketplace for the different projects that they have.

It isn’t long before content becomes so fundamental to individuals and brands alike, that there is a need for buying and selling content on-demand. We want to be that force of change!

The Founder

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